How to make property attractive to buyers in spring

Attracting buyers in spring

Winter is coming to an end, the snow is melting away and your lot or property is not looking as nice without the winter wonderland surroundings. So it’s time to make it appealing to buyers coming in the next months. There are quite a few things you can do to make your property appealing to potential buyers in spring time.

The first impression is really important and the outside of your house or land will certainly be the first thing a buyer sees. So it’s really worth spending an afternoon working on that in order to attract buyers. Here’s a list of a few things you can do to make your property more attractive in springtime:


Clear winter debris

Once the snow has melted you will find tree branches and other debris on the ground. The wind can bring rubbish to your property and bury it under the snow over the winter, so here’s the perfect chance to clean it up! Grab a rake and get rid of all that to make space for the lawn to grow nicely on your land.


Outside furniture

If you have any outdoor furniture or fixtures on your lot or porch, the winter has probably left its toll on it. Have a look and fix whatever could use a new screw or a coat of paint.

If you put the furniture inside for the winter, then dust it and bring it outside for when potential buyers come to see your property. Having a few nicely looking chairs and tables on your lawn will make it all look more homely and cozy to potential buyers and investors.


Fresh paint

If you have the resources, invest in a fresh coat of paint on your porch or on a fence around your property if there is one. There’s nothing like a new coat of paint that makes a property look neat and fresh!



Plants are always a great idea for freshening up your lot and making a good first impression! The beginning of spring can look quite dull before everything starts sprouting and looking green and fabulous. So this is the perfect time to set up some of your inside potted plants outside. Preferably in colorful pots, so it really brightens up the area. All just for the show, of course, because it’s still too cold to leave them outside overnight. If it’s within your budget, you could also rent some plants from a local flower shop to help you do the same.

Another (more time consuming) thing you can do is plant flowers. This will take more work, you would have to carefully choose what would look good and what would actually grow depending on the environment. But if you choose wisely, then you would have a lovely blooming lot to present in a month or so!



To make that first impression just right, don’t forget to clean the windows, which are probably dirty from the winter precipitation and salt. If you’re selling a house, hang some colorful curtains inside and put flowers on your window sills to make the whole look more colorful and presentable.