Great Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall

Sell your home in the Fall

It is well known that house selling and buying spikes during the Spring and Summer months. However, selling your house in the Fall is completely possible if you follow a few recommendations.

Remember that the days are shorter and darker in the Fall which can make your house look smaller, and messier. It is important to make the buyers feel welcome and comfortable. They need to be able to picture themselves inviting friends and family over in a nice friendly and cozy environment. Here are a few great tips to sell your home in the Fall:

Clean your exteriors: autumn leaves can look great on trees, but they will quickly make your yard and house look poorly maintained if you don’t keep the leaves and branches off your sidewalk and entrance. Same goes for the first snow fall of the year. You want to salt your sidewalk and keep it clean so buyers can easily walk around the yard to get a better feel of how it looks in the summer months.


Bring in the light: open your blinders, shutters and curtains to widened the window space and bring in as much daylight as possible. Use extra floor lamps for the living room, make you bathroom and kitchen nice and bright, and use soft light for your living room and bedrooms.


Put the heating up: make sure your house is nicely heated when potential buyers come to visit and make sure your furnace has been inspected to avoid unpleasant smell. You want buyers to feel cozy and comfortable inside, especially if the weather isn’t great outside!


Use your fireplace: whether you have a wood, gas or electric fireplace, make use of it! Be sure to have your chimney swept by a certified chimney sweep beforehand! Enhance the fire place area to make it look cozy and relaxing. Buyers need to picture themselves having relaxing family times together, relaxing by the fire place drinking hot cocoa!


Decorate lightly: you want to create a fall impression, but not go overboard with it. Place autumn flowers by the entrance, a nicely carved pumpkin on the sidewalk, use one or two scented candles in strategic places such as the living room and by the doorway.


Appeal to the senses: if the potential buyers are coming in the afternoon, bake a brownie or cookies before they arrive as to have the smell linger in the house.  Nothing feels more homely than freshly baked cookies!!


Trust in your realtor: listen to your real estate agent as they know what is best for your house in your area!


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