Property development

5 Property Development Risks You Should Be Aware of

Property development is an exciting and challenging venture that needs to be considered very carefully. Both novices and experienced property developers face risks that they need to be aware of in order to avoid selling at a lost within a year!!   Planning:   failure to plan for change of circumstances that may force you to […]

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Selling land property development

How Selling Land Differs from Selling Houses?

Selling a house can be challenging, as there many things to consider such as the location, the land, the house itself, but selling land is not any less complicated and can in fact can be even more challenging. As a matter of fact, the markets of home selling and land selling are very different to […]

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Land for sale

Six Great Tips For Buying Land

Investing in a vacant land can be a formidable way to create and shape your perfect house and business! Finding your dream home might be complicated, and buying land might give you the perfect opportunity to build your own home. However, before your dive head first into the world of land development, there are a […]

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Sell your home in the Fall

Great Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall

It is well known that house selling and buying spikes during the Spring and Summer months. However, selling your house in the Fall is completely possible if you follow a few recommendations. Remember that the days are shorter and darker in the Fall which can make your house look smaller, and messier. It is important […]

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Why choose a real estate agent when buying land

Are you thinking of buying land but don’t know where to start? Owning a piece of land is certainly a good investment as you can either build something for yourself, rent it out or sell it on. But with all the offers out there, finding the right one can be hard. It’s easy to get […]

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Buying land

What to consider before buying land

If you are planning on investing into land and making a profit out of developing and reselling it, it can be a great opportunity. But just like with any other kind of business, there are certain risk factors involved. There are things to consider when purchasing land for development that could help you lower the […]

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How to make property attractive to buyers in spring

Winter is coming to an end, the snow is melting away and your lot or property is not looking as nice without the winter wonderland surroundings. So it’s time to make it appealing to buyers coming in the next months. There are quite a few things you can do to make your property appealing to […]

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Buying land in winter

5 reasons for buying land in winter

You’re thinking of buying land but are procrastinating because of the winter weather? Don’t. There’s plenty of advantages to buying land in winter. No doubt, that it is more pleasurable going from lot to lot or property to property when the temperatures are not below freezing. But in the age of the internet, when you can […]

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