Jennifer Kuehn is a licensed Real Estate Listing and Selling Agent with more than 7 years of experience servicing the Oakland & Livingston County Areas.

Her extensive experience in working with investors, sellers, and buyers has taught her that neither a house is just a house, nor a piece of land is just a piece of land. Her passion for what she does has brought her numerous satisfied clients and new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Here’s what she loves the most in working in the sphere of Real Estate:


Jennifer Kuehn finds it both fascinating and satisfactory to research and bring to light the true value of a piece of land. What amazes her every time she deals with land (whether buying or selling) is the multiple layers of opportunities beneath the surface of the land that turn each deal into a myriad of options for developing.


Working with investors is one of the main aspects of Jennifer Kuehn’s work. Finding them land to develop and selling their homes has always been a challenge she takes up willingly. Her husband, who is a home builder, has been a tremendous help when it comes to finding and evaluating lands that are worth developing.


Jennifer Kuehn knows the value of time so she never advices her clients to rush when selling their homes. However, she has in mind the ever changing market and regularly updates her sellers so that they can make the best decision for their investment. Her constant pursuit of getting top dollar for her clients’ homes has contributed to her reputation as a top quality Real Estate Agent in the Oakland & Livingston County Areas.

Her keen eye on details that help a seller get the most money when selling their home has won her numerous offers for preparing a home for show. When dealing with such homes, she always considers all costs and usually advises her clients on what should be done to the property for sale so that it can become more attractive to a potential buyer leading to a more satisfactory deal for both parties.


When working with buyers, Jennifer Kuehn is very patient and she always listens to her clients’ needs and wants. As she says, “I don’t just show homes to show homes.” When looking for the perfect home for her clients, she invests her time, energy, and money in order to locate the perfect home for a particular client. Her experience gives her the confidence and ability to precisely assess a home for sale through the lens of her client’s desires and this often leads to finding the perfect home pretty quickly.


In order to give her clients the best service and experience, Jennifer Kuehn has gathered over the years a team of experts who make sure her closings are smooth, there are no surprises, and all matters are handled both quickly and professionally. This is her team of experts:

Janel Chipman from Regions Title agency – closings

Solomon – guardian inspections

Marc Jones – loans